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I recommend that anyone looking to sell or buy give Dannielle a call to help make your transition smooth and easy, she is very dedicated to making people happy and feel comfortable with finding a new place.

Highly recommended

Donna Jackson


Robert Spencer is absolutely tremendous! As first-time homebuyers, he was very knowledgeable about all the many questions we had. We were treated as if we were family from day one. He literally worked all at hours through the days to help us in every way he could. Most importantly, we told him our budget and he was respectful of that. He genuinely cares for all of his clients individually. Downright amazing! We are so grateful for all of his hard work, and a big heart! We couldn't be happier with our first home.

Carson Brown

"Help my find my rental home quickly.

She was patient with my indecisiveness. Would highly recommend."

Shida - Google Review

Dannielle was awesome with us.

She helped make sure the process of selling our house was as painless as possible! If we had questions it didn't matter when we could reach out to her and she would get an answer to us or help us solve anything that came up!


"Yesterday Emily Wille made our families long term dreams possible.

She is an extremely professional realtor full of a wealth of knowledge. The purchase of our land went soo smoothly we almost can't believe it happened (we have purchased before so when I say smooth I mean smooth). Emily, is extremely on top of her A game, she doesn't procrastinate and she will go the extra mile to make things happen. She's very passionate about her clients, their dreams and visions and we couldn't be more grateful we chose to entrust her. Our family highly recommends Emily for any of your realtor needs."

Breanna - Google Review

Very helpful with finding my rental .

Couldn’t have picked a better person for the job . Assisted me all the way up until my leased was signed . Very communicative & helpful . DEFINITELY RECOMMEND !!

Jacquan Crymes

"Ms, Wille was very patient with this process with me and my decision to choose the best house for my family.

She was professional and efficient; Everything ran smoothly heading up to closing, Thanks Emily"

Cheryl - Google Review

Loved her!

She was available on short notice and very nice and personable!

Alison Wafford
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"Our house-hunting experience was a long process! We began in April, and just bought a house finally on October 1st.

It took so long for a few reasons, mainly because we hadn't moved to the area yet (3+ hours away). That slowed us down a lot initially. We went into contract on one house that ended with a low appraisal, so we decided to walk away from it. But now we have the perfect house, and could not be happier.

I say this to make the point that Peggy @ Avalar was with us every step of the way, even though it was such a long process. She also has a few web tools that makes it extremely convenient to conduct business when you can't get into her office (like 3 hours away during the middle of the week).

I have no doubt that she and her team are the best agents in this area. I highly recommend Avalar to anyone in the market, either buying or selling. You will not be disappointed."
5 /5.0
by mountainluna
"I can’t say enough good things about this realtor. Randy Worcester is very personable and friendly but also very professional and knowledgeable. He knows the real estate market in Clarksville. I was an out of state seller and needed a realtor who was there whenever I had a question or needed advice. Whenever I called or texted I always got an immediate response from him. With me being out of state it was very important to me that I had a some one I could rely on. I couldn’t have found a better realty expert than Randy Worcester."
5 /5.0
by user44118993
"Randy's work on my behalf is unsurpassed. He came prepared, acted as my advocate, and helped guide me through the process of selling my home effortlessly."
5 /5.0
by chezem1987
"This was the first time my husband and I had every sold a house and we were doing so while moving to a new duty station and also needed the house sold quickly if possible but not lose any money on it. We had talked to a couple of other realtors in town and had lost all hope in "braking even" on our house and they told us we would have to repaint and stage the house, etc. Our house was just 6 years old and we were the first owners. I found Randy and Peggy on Zillow read the reviews, goggled them and read those reviews and thought what do I have to lose. I called the office up and Randy answered the phone. He wanted to know when was a good time for my husband and I so he and Peggy his wife could come to the house to talk to us and look at the house. We meet the next time. Everything was GREAT with them. They answered all of our questions and we had alot. Told us do a few showings if people did not like some of the paint colors then could repaint but as of right then they were fine. We would be moving in the time frame of the house on the market so also talked about renting the house if need be. Also Randy takes professional pictures of the house for his clients so that is not an extra charge you have to pay like at other realtors. After Randy and Peggy left a huge weight had been lifted off of mine and my husband's shoulders. We did what Randy and Peggy suggested some minor things like declutter some rooms and remove personal photos. After Randy put the house on the market we had a offer in a week which is rare. We got everything and more then we wanted out of selling our home, financially and piece of mind wise. Randy was great thru out the entire process if I ever had a question all I had to do was call. When we moved and wasn't there for closing Randy handled everything for us, faxed, emailed and mailed paper work to us that we needed to sign or have copies of and would call and say i emailed a form you need to sign so we would get it done. The selling of our house was probably one of the easier parts of moving all thanks to Randy and the Avalar Team. If we come back to Clarksville we will definitely be giving them a call again."
5 /5.0
by cbkendall2000
"We had an excellent experience selling out house through Avalar! They had excellent suggestions on how to stage our house, provided excellent materials to prospective buyers and were always ready to answer any questions we had. We had to leave the area before closing and they were so helpful in coordinating in our absence. I would HIGHLY recommend them!"
5 /5.0
by jillhayes06
"Words cannot describe the sincere gratitude to Randy and Peggy Worcester at Weichert Realtors! The service they provide is excellent! They made me feel like family not just a client! I am not an easy client. They showed me over 50 homes. Peggy and Randy were always available and responsive! They went out of their way to find the perfect home for me. They bent over backwards and negotiated several things that I truly wanted in my home. I would highly recommend them! This is my fourth home purchase and this is the best experience by far."
5 /5.0
by julie a kress
"Our real estate agent Mrs Peggy and the staff there were wonderful. Her and her husband is very knowledgeable and was an honor to have them help us selecting and buying our home. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a great real estate agent. Look no further...her and her husband are the ones you want!! Thanks Busy Bee!!"
5 /5.0
by brundigpaul
"Randy Was a great help in selling our house in Clarkesville. It was a difficult sale since it was long distance (i live in Upstate NY) and My Son had already Moved on to his next Duty Station. 13 Hour drive is not something you can do every day when something is needed. Randy was a great help in helping me get little things done that were needed around the house to help the sale along."
5 /5.0
by jcorke0
"Had previously worked with a realtor from Mark Spain for just over a month before switching to Randy. I changed literally nothing about my house, but I put confidence in him and his colleague, and they got my first offer within less than 48 hours! I had an incredible amount of showings in a very short period of time, and closed very quickly. He won't lie to you about the right course of action to take as a seller, and he's extremely kind and responsive! Selling my house was a pain in the butt at first, but wow did he make a quick sale when we signed with him. 10/10 would use him again!"
5 /5.0
by AndrewComiskey
"If I was able to leave zero stars for my experience with Randy Worcester, I would. My husband I decided to list our home with him since we had such a great experience buying the house through his wife Peggy. We were also fortunate to have the same good experience when we rented the house out using their rental company. When we decided to sell, it seemed like a no brainer to go with them again. When we listed the house initially, we used the price that Randy recommended we use. We had a couple of showings, and got good feedback. None of those showings resulted in any offers, so when ever we would speak, I would ALWAYS ask if we were priced right. Randy would always respond that price was not the issue. Naturally, during this time we were paying to have the electricity and water on. Our initial electric bill was over $150. This seemed outrageous for a house where no one lived and hardly anyone was in. When I asked Randy about he said he would check the settings. So the 30 day mark comes and still no offers (maybe 1 more showing occurred) so WE reached out to Randy to lower the price. Once the price was lowered we got one or two more showings, but still no offers. By this time, a second electric bill comes. This bill is almost the exact same amount as the first bill! I reach out to Randy immediately and he again says he will check on it. Fast forward closer to our 90th day on the market. My husband and I were fed up. We had had about 6 showings total, Randy never reached out us, and when we reached out to him we would often either get 1-2 word answers back or no answer at all. We made the decision to switch realtors. As we were in the process of switching we got a third electric bill of the same amount! This was something that was mentioned to our new realtor immediately. Once she was able to enter the house, she advised us that the thermostat upstairs was set at 71 degrees! This was during the months of May to July. So basically our air conditioner was running nonstop in a unoccupied housed that wasn't even getting regular showings. Of everything (the unanswered emails, the few showings, etc) this bothered me the most. Randy was well aware that were paying the mortgage on that house and rent on a house here in Texas. Having a family of 5, and that extra huge expense (not to mention an extra electric bill, water bill, and lawn service bill) was rough! Yet he knowingly allowed our air conditioner to run and rack up a unnecessary amount on our electric bill. There was a happy ending to my story. 12 days after our new realtor re-listed our house, we had multiple offers. I would never recommend Randy's services to anyone who was trying to sell their house. It was more than evident that we were not a priority to him."
1 /5.0
by zuser20170504115106287
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